Frequently asked questions

A social widget for e-commerce stores that lets friends shop together and unlock rewards.

Simply open the m8buy feature on the site and invite friends to join your shopping group. A countdown timer begins that everybody in the shopping group needs to buy within. The more friends in the shopping group that buy, the higher cashback you each get.

Occasionally, m8buy will not be available on items a merchant has excluded as per the offer terms and conditions.

m8buy can only be used on participating retailer websites when visible. If you want to use m8buy on your favourite retailer then please email the name of the website and we will get in touch with them to ask.

Once m8buy approves the cashback amount, a partial refund will take place into the nominated account used to make the purchase. This cashback happens immediately after the countdown timer has expired and will take 7-14 business days to appear in your account.

Orders attributed to a m8buy group are delivered as the merchants standard shipping time frames after you complete your order online.

The merchant is responsible for any exchange or refund as per their refunds & returns policy. Please contact the merchant directly. Do not return your purchase to m8buy.

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